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2002 - 2003
Pictures with friends and other dancers
My heritage:   100 % Hungarian
Arabic dance - Live music
belly dance san diego Marianna
turkish drop
San Diego Belly Dancers:Marianna-Dilek-Violeta-Aimee-Lily
Fire sword - Flaming sword - Marianna
Belly dance San Diego
Belly Dance / Fire Dance - San Diego Ca
Middle Eastern Style Dance - San Diego Belly Dance
Belly Dance San Diego
Belly dance San Diego
Belly Dance San Diego
belly dance san diego live music improvisation
San Diego Belly Dancers:Aimee-Violeta-Marianna-Maryam
Marianna - Aimee - Violeta
Marianna Belly Dancer with Phillipa Greek Singer - Debbie - Owner of D.Z. Akins restaurant
Dancing the Tsiftetelli - Bouzouki solo with Dimitrios
Marianna Belly Dancer - Salam of Al Bustan - Riadh of House of India
Marianna - Flaming sword
Marianna - New Year's Eve - 2007
Marianna and Violeta - Belly dancers in San Diego
Candle dance - Marianna and Isis - Belly Dance
Belly Dancer
Belly Dancer
Marianna - Belly Dance - Live music
Marianna Belly Dancer with Violeta and Ali Dean
Pharaonics of Egypt
Belly dance San Diego
Belly Dancer - Greek Town Restaurant, El Cajon Ca
Marianna - 2003
A photo shoot by a wonderful photographer,
David Hernandez.
A party on March 3rd, 2007 with Nadirah and Stacey.
At Tito's workshop in Las
Vegas August 2007
A photo taken at Greek Town,
in October 2007 by Atheer Al
Wadi - an Iraqi singer from
Canada, now living in San
With  the crew of "As Is" persian comedy show (actor Ali Dean)
I have met so many wonderful people at
Phillipa, Greek singer.
Debbie Akins, owner of D.Z Akins restaurant

Salam, owner of Al Bustan
Riyadh, owner of House of India

My two Brazilian friends, Ida and
Tarciana (another belly dancer)
My fire sword. Just like it
looks, it is very dangerous.
The flame is huge and hot.
Very hot.

Don't tell any one but I am
actually afraid of fire. I still
can't light anything with the
small matches. I need the
long, thick kitchen matches,
with which I feel safe.
Interestingly I have no
problem putting flaming
trays or swords on my head,
and swing lit fans around.
Isn't that weird?
After my New Year's Eve performance in
a funny party hat. No, I didn't dance in it,
but maybe I should have? It matched the
costume and the occasion.
I learned how to dance the Zembekiko, which is a lot of fun,
but it's not easy.
New Year's Eve show with
Violeta, Aimee, Dilek and
With Greek Singer Phillipa
A photo shoot in March, 2005 at Bahira's house. Photographers Hadia and Bahira.
KUSI Commercial with Rod Luck.
A photo shoot in November 2004 by Heidi Paris
Zorba's - 2004
My first photo shoot in May 2003 by Heidi Paris.
Although I started taking classes in January 2002, and started performing at showcases within a few months, I do not have any pictures from that year.
My grandma           My hometown:
With my big sister Zsuzsi    and 2 years                 in preschool
(pronounce as if in French:Jouji
at age 1 month                      
Hire Marianna for your next event ! - Fire dance - Belly Dance
Belly Dance - San Diego - Fire dance
Marianna with fire fans at Zorba's restaurant
Marianna with fire fans - fire dancer
After the flaming sword
came the fire fans. I had
so much fun with fire, I
had to have more of it.
As you can see it's much
more dangerous, so I
need to wear pants with it.
Marianna dancing with sword - a real sword, sharp and dangerous
Sept 2007
Oct 2007
San Diego Belly Dance - Marianna
fire tray - belly dancer Marianna in San Diego
April 25th, 2008 - Dancing with Fire Tray at  Al Bustan (Downtown, San Diego).  
March 2008
Belly Dancers in Persian Comedy show As Is
June 2008- Persian Comedy Show with Ali Dean "As Is" - Beverly Hills, Ca
Beginner and Intermediate Classes - Chula Vista San Diego Ca
June 15th - Marianna's Beginner and Intermediate students.
From top left: Marianna - Sara - Diana - Alicia - Maria. Bottom
row: Natalie and guest dancer Aimee
Belly Dancers in Beverly Hills Ca
Green and Fucia Bella Belly dance costume - Marianna - Violeta
August 24th 2008 - International Lawn Program at the House of Nations, Balboa Park (with the House of Hungary)
1. Marianna with Roma violinist
2. Kati, Heni, Marianna and another Heni :) performing traditional Hungarian Roma dances to violin
3. We're posing for lots of pictures with a Hungarian folk dancer afterwards.
House of India - Marianna Belly Dancer
Sept 7
House of India - Marianna
Performing at the House of India - Aug and  Sept 2008
Hanging out at Zorba's with my
friends Heni and Tom - Sept 20,
Marianna - Heni - Kati - Heni
Magyar Cigánylányok
Magyar Rózsák - San Diego Ca
Kemence :)
San Diego - Gypsy Style Dancers
Marianna - Hungarian Roma Girl
Hungarian Fire Roses - a Hungarian Gypsy Style Dance group in San Diego.
Hungarian Fire Roses with Roma Violinist
Sapphire Hookah Lounge - Friday Night
Marianna - Belly Dancer - Sapphire Hookah Lounge
Sapphire Hookah Lounge, Bonita Ca
Dec 5th 2008. To the right: With Aimee, Dec 19th
Marianna + Aimee - Sapphire Hookah Lounge
Fire Tray - Sapphire Hookah Lounge
Marianna - Chaldean Party
Marianna and Violeta - Chaldean Party
With Flamenco dancer Paloma (of
Cafe Sevilla)  and my student Sara.
From left to right: Marianna - Sara -
Paloma Apr. 24 2009
Cafe Sevilla - Fire tray
Performing with fire - tray;
Apr 24 2009 Cafe Sevilla
- Gypsy Fusion Show with live
music and flamenco dancer
Feb 2009
Sapphire Lounge - March  and     June 2009
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Marianna - San Diego Belly Dancer
Marianna with Iraqi musician Faiz Sheet
Live music - Greek / Arabic - Marianna Belly Dancer
Marianna at Greek Town El Cajon Ca
Greek Town - El Cajon Ca
Greek Town: July 18th / Aug 10th - live music with Faiz Sheet - every Friday and
Saturday night. Photos by Lester
Sapphire Lounge - after the belly dance show
Belly Dancer Marianna - Sara - Flamenco Dancer Paloma - Cafe Sevilla
Hanging out with friends at the Sapphire Lounge after the show
June 2009                                              December 2008
Flamenco Dancer Paloma and Belly Dancer Marianna
Marianna San Diego Belly Dancer
Marianna Belly Dancer - Costume made by Marianna
San Diego Belly Dancing
January 2010 - Photography by David Hernandez
Jan 16, 2010
Marianna and Paloma at Cafe Sevilla
Gypsy Fusion Flamenco Show - Paloma, Marianna, live music at cafe Sevilla
Marianna and Paloma - Cafe Sevilla, San Diego
February 13, 2010
Marrakech Morroccan Restaurant - April 2010
Greek Wedding March 20 2010
July 23rd, 2010. Blue Flayme Hookah Lounge, Spring Valley, Ca
Marianna - Linda Flamenca - Lisa Solar
Cafe Sevilla - Long Beach Ca, Aug 7 2010.
With Flamenco dancers Linda (San Diego)
and Lisa Solar (Los Angeles).
Cafe Sevilla, San Diego Ca.  Gypsy
Fusion Flamenco Show
Marianna - Joef of the Gypsy Kings -
Flamenco dancer Linda
Crystal Ballroom, El Cajon, Ca
July 2010 - Chaldean Wedding
August 20, 2010
Linda's Toga Party
Marianna Belly Dance - Sapphire Hookah Lounge San Diego Bonita Ca
Marianna - Sword Dance - Sapphire Hookah Lounge
Marianna Belly Dancer - Sword - Sapphire Lounge
Sapphire Hookahh Lounge - Marianna Belly Dancer
Sapphire Lounge, Bonita - August 14, 2010
Sapphire Lounge, Bonita, Ca - August 6, 2010
Marianna, Lisa Solar (Flamenco Dancer)
and Natasha - Cafe Sevilla, San Diego,  
after the last show on September 25, 2010.
Middle Eastern Fashions, May 2011
Melaya Dresses       --------------------->
Also called Iskandarani Dresses

Also perfect for Henna parties / very
popular within the Chaldean
Middle Eastern Fashions - August 2011