Hungarian Chicken Paprika -Paprikás Csirke / Tejfölös Csirke

This dish is very easy to make, It needs very few ingredients that are easy to find  (now that I think about it, most Hungarian dishes need just a few ingredients), doesn’t take long and is healthy with a good protein / carb  ratio in addition to very low in fat.



  • chicken: this can be any part of the chicken, you can cut up an entire chicken and use all the
    hungarian cooking, hungarian recipe
    ingredients to Chicken Paprika

    pieces, or just focus on one or more parts (breast only, as I used in the video, or drumsticks, or drumsticks and wings, etc.) How much do you need? I’d take one half breast for one serving or 2-3 pieces of drumstick / wings.

  • pasta: almost any pasta will do, except for Fettuccini, Spaghetti, Angel hair and these types. You want pasta that will retain some of the sauce, such as shells, elbow pasta, Rotini, Penne, etc.
  • spices: salt, pepper, paprika (hot if you want it spicy, if not, mild)
  • optional: Hungarian Paprika cream and / Gulyascream (if you don’t have these, I have them available in my store, click here to check it out.) These spices are also great to use with other Hungarian dishes such as this one.
  • the following is optional, I personally love it like this. Per serving: purple or red onion (about a quarter of a large onion), 1 small tomato, half of a red bell pepper.
  • oil. Traditional recipe calls for smoked bacon, the more fat the better.
  • optional: sour cream


  1. Place diced onion (dice it as small as possible) in a pot and saute in oil. Add salt (don’t over-
    hungarian cooking,  hungarian food, hungarian recipe
    add the oil, onions and all the seasoning

    salt, wait to add more in the end), pepper, and paprika (traditionally you cook the fat out of smoked bacon and use that instead of oil)

  2. Option a: add Gulyaskrem and Paprika cream (at least 1-2 table spoon per serving)
  3. option b: dice the tomato and pepper (as small as possible) and add saute it as well.  You will have very small chunks of the vegetables, not the traditional way, but it’s great. If you don’t add these vegetables, you will have more of a thin sauce, great just as well.
  4. simmer this mixture for about 20-30 minutes, keep adding water (don’t let it burn),stir constantly.
  5. when the sauce is creamy with small, soft chunks of vegetables (or maybe even cooked all the way down), add the chicken pieces. If you’re using breast, cut them into bite size pieces.
  6. cook on medium until the chicken is soft (if there are bones the chicken should easily
    Chicken Paprika, hungarian recipe
    let it simmer

    sepearate from the bones

  7. In the meanwhile cook the pasta.
  8. optional: add a couple of table spoons of sour cream into the sauce. It shouldn’t change the color to very light (too much sour cream), it should just make it creamier and make it a little lighter. You can add a small scoop of sourcream on the top of the plate when you serve it.
  9. serve: place the pasta and the sauce with the chicken on the plate. There should be enough liquid to cover the pasta. You can sprinkle some paprika on top. Eat with a spoon to scoop up all that deliciousness

Leave me a comment and let me know how you liked it!

If this recipe is a little confusing because of all the different options, definitely watch the video, it will clear everything up.

Ultimately this can be made with other poultry.

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