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How to Clean and gut a trout with leaving the head on

All my life I shied away from buying and cooking whole fish because I didn’t know how to clean them. I didn’t know what to do with the skin, leave it on, leave it off? How to take off the scales? How do I cook it? What about the bones? So if I bought fish, it was already filleted. Continue reading

How I started my fishing journey

It was late December and hunting season was just about over. Deer season was long gone, we 15717BF1-B330-4F55-938A-B27A0A96B815had a week left of bear season, turkey season just ended (although I did get one turkey), and we only had a few weeks of geese and quail hunting. And September (deer season) would be very far away ! So I was very sad.

Then I realized: fishing! That’s sort of like hunting! We have a lot of lakes and rivers nearby, and I camp by them all the time. I knew nothing about fishing, but I was already excited. Continue reading