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Hungarian Chicken Paprika -Paprikás Csirke / Tejfölös Csirke

This dish is very easy to make, It needs very few ingredients that are easy to find  (now that I think about it, most Hungarian dishes need just a few ingredients), doesn’t take long and is healthy with a good protein / carb  ratio in addition to very low in fat. Continue reading Hungarian Chicken Paprika -Paprikás Csirke / Tejfölös Csirke

Hungarian Fisherman Soup – Step by step video

Hopefully you have read my original blog (check it out here) about the history of this wonderful dish and the original version. I also posted a modern version.

Here I’m going to post another variation; there isn’t a big difference because you don’t want the taste to change. But most importantly I have a video that shows you the process step by step, so hopefully this will be very clear. Continue reading Hungarian Fisherman Soup – Step by step video

Wild Sauce (Vadasmártás)

This sauce is also from my old Hungarian recipe book. It is for any wild meat, either poured over or on the side as a dipping sauce (we used it generously poured over the meat)

You can take all the ingredients from the solution in which you prepared your wild meat . Read  that post here.  Or you can make a new sauce:

Continue reading Wild Sauce (Vadasmártás)

Preparing wild meat

There are many theories and true-and-tried tricks to prepare wild meat. I have heard many people say “I’ve heard that if you do this …” or “My friends always said they do it like that…”, but never really anything specific. I will give you 2 ways of preparing wild meat, both of which I have tried (with wild turkey) and it definitely works in taking out the gaminess and ensuring that the meat is delicious. Continue reading Preparing wild meat

Wild Rabbit Stew

Cooking and eating the wild animal you killed (through all the legal and allowed methods) is an extremely satisfying feeling. These dishes taste especially good. This is the time that I feel “in touch with my DNA” as I always say. Our ancestors hunted and fished and gathered food. Hunting down a wild animal, cleaning it and cooking it makes me feel that I’m back on the land of the Hungarian tribes, next to the tent of Attila the Hun.

A word of advice about my recipes: My cooking is intuitive. I don’t use exact measurements, I say, “a few of this”, “a lot of that”, and “add more if you want”. Or I don’t mention anything at all. So keep that in mind 

My favorite method of cooking rabbit is making a stew, because the meat is extremely lean. Cooking wild rabbit is different from domestic rabbit as in it’s much more leaner and can be a little gamey. You are most likely just using the back legs, but I also cut off the backstraps – they’re small, but still too much meat to let it go the waste. Continue reading Wild Rabbit Stew

Hungarian Fisherman Soup – Halászlé

This is a very old, very traditional Hungarian recipe. It requires very few ingredients and is relatively easy to make. I’m going to give you a modern version, and the original version (it might sound a little strange to some people), but both taste delicious and pretty much the same.

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