Dress up your hair!

Beautiful, one of a kind hair ornaments
Clips with flowers, peacock and other feathers, jewels, rhinestones, beads and other decorations
Great gift items for any age !
Updated! 5.28.11
To purchase any of these items please visit
Etsy store - Marianna's Flowers  by clicking the link.

If you see something here that is not on Etsy, please email Marianna:
These looks are perfect for
- Flamenco dancers (with roses)
- Hula dancers (Hawaiian flower selection is available)
- belly dancers ( you can match your costume with sparkly gold, silver or other colored flowers and rhinestone studded flowers!)
- tribal or fusion style belly dancers (you may order specific flowers, cowrie shells, etc)
- to wear during the day  (wear a carnation / rose / sunflower or flowers in season)
- an elegant look in the evening (choose a dramatic, rich colored flower with a peacock) - create a unique bun with flower-falls
- having a bad hair day? Put your hair in a quick bun, add two clips around it and you now have a beautiful hairdo!

These are the ways to wear the flowers:
- simply attach one or more clips to your hair
- attach one at the base of a pony tail, or bun
- attach 2 or 3 flowers at the base of the bun or pony tail for a more elegant look
- you can create more complicated updos, or style your hair as usual and add a couple of flowers
- add a flower-fall to your hair, to a pony tail or to a bun

Be dramatic and elegant with a dark, rich colored flower, either over sized, or several larger ones, with peacocks, or rhinestones. Roses and
peacock feathers especially show a dramatic flair
Tone it down in color and size for office wear
Choose small, white or pastel colored flowers for a
cute, young look
Use vibrant colors, mix and matched flowers for a playful look
Tease your hair up, and keep it together with a couple of flowers to complement your sexy and playful mood :)

The flowers are securely fixed on hair clips, (small,medium, large or extra large). Some includes several flowers, peacock feathers or beads.
Each one is unique, may be reordered, but most of them are one of a kind.

You may special order by providing details:
- size and amount of flowers
- color or color range
- type of flower, either specific or general
- occasion
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hair for Christmas parties
Flamenco Hair - passionate, dramatic, elegant
white flowers with peacock - unique
pink petal hair flowers
Marianna's flowers
hair pieces for belly dancers
blue flowers - hair ornaments - peacocks
white roses for your hair - romantic
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fucia oversized flower
2 orshids - Hawaiian Island girl look
lilac rose
Previously Sold
A new trend with a twist: flower falls
You probably heard about hair falls. These are synthetic or human hair clips attached to your hair, often with flowers.
The pictures below show "flower-falls" - these are flowers on a string, (without the hair) attached to a flower clip. There are several
uses for them, each one is unique and beautiful - yet very simple to create.

For more information on how to use them (including a lot of different designs and variations) and to purchase them please
go to
: Marianna's Hair Flower Shoppe
To custom order your own, please email Marianna
Red-flowers: picture 1. simply attach it to a pony tail and wrap it around it loosely. You can clip the end to
the bottom of your pony tail with a bobby pin or another small flower clip; or just let it hang. Another variation
is to braid your ponytail with the fall. (not shown)

picture 2 and 3: put your hair in a ponytail and make a large bun (not tight), pin it with a bobby pin. Clip the
fall on top (or really, anywhere) and wrap it around your bun a couple of times. The flower falls are long, you
can play with the look.
Picture 1: peacocks. Picture shows it clipped to a ponytail and then just wrapped around it. It looks even
better with dark hair: let it hang, or use it in a pony tail, like in the above pictures.

Picture 2 and 3: white flowers. Picture 2 show the same technique as picture 1, but wrapped around
more tightly. Picture 3 shows the fall simply hanging from the pony tail, mixed in with hair.
Flower - falls $35 each

These are long, should
work with long or
shoulder length hair.

If you'd like shorter sets,
order them today!
Please provide the
desired length and color
of flowers. No added fee
for custom orders.
Spring is here! This flower-fall has spring written all over it.
Pictures 1-3. Attach it on one side of your hair, wrap it around, clip it to your hair with another
flower (in the picture it's clipped with a purple butterfly) on the other side, then just let it hang.
You can play with the position of the flowers, as well as place the fall in a pony tail, braids, bun, etc.
The simplest way to add volume and beauty.
beige flowers. Almost invisible in the pictures, but in real life they perfectly blend in with hair. Works
best with blond hair.
Having a bad hair day? Don't despair! With the help of just 3 flower you can look
beautiful - and under 3 minutes!

1 brush your hair :)                2. gather hair in a ponytail     3. braid it                           4-5. Attach 1 or 2 flowers at the base. Wrap your braid
around                                                                                                                                                 and attach the end with the 3rd flower. And voila :)
This look was achieved by 2 orchids and one lavender rose (pictured below). You can change the look by not braiding, but twisting the pony tail.
Another bad hair day rescue:
Create a loose bun at the nape of your neck. Place flower around the bun - quick and easy!
The look below was created with 1 lavender rose and beige flowers (3-4 small clips)
Summer end / fall themed look:
Same technique as above, but place the bun slightly higher. (you can use your preference: bun high up, in the middle, or lower)
The pictures below show 4 orange sunflowers placed around the bun.                     These two pictures show 2 sunflowers and 2 red roses.
Although all flowers are beautiful, roses are considered
the most elegant. Simple add them to your ponytail.
More ideas on how to wear flowers in your hair
1 medium, and several small flowers directly clipped to hair.
2 orshids - Hawaiian Island girl look
may be reordered in similar style
A new trend with a twist: flower sticks    NEW!! 5-25-11
Chopsticks used in hair (also called hair sticks) has been around for a long time, and recently became popular again.
Marianna created one of a kind sets, that feature assymmetry (the two sticks are not identical) using not only beads, but also
flowers and feather. Some sticks are longer, thicker, while others are thinner or even shorter. For more information on how to
use them (including a lot of different designs and variations) and to purchase them please go to
: Marianna's Hair Flower Shoppe
To custom order your own, please email Marianna
Baby Blue
Beads, sequins
swirly colors

$15 inc. shipping
Beads, sequins

$17 inc. shipping
Cream / beige
Swarovsky crystals

$24 inc. shipping
Red /black
Beads, sequins

$15 inc. shipping
1 piece only

$8 inc. shipping
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