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Designs By Marianna

Examples of recent works - full costumes commissioned by dancers from San Diego
and from other parts of the country
Egyptian Style lycra costume Includes:
2 armbands
there is also a waistband that can be removed or used in
several different ways.

The costume base is lycra with chiffon inserts in the skirt. The beading
resembles the Eman style loops with large / medium chunky beads.
The beads used are high quality plastic or glass / crystal beads, they
will not fade, tarnish or peel away.
Also Swarowski crystals on the bra and skirt.

Price range for a costume this style:
$275- $375 depending on:
+ additional accessories, such as headband, wristbands, veil
+ more beading
+ more crystals used.
(for reference, this costume was $275)
American Cabaret style costume includes:
- bra and belt
- 2 1.5 circle skirts
- 2 armbands
- 2 sleeves
- veil

The bra and belt is velvet based with very minimal beading. Crystal brooches are
used and high quality mdeium / large chunky beads for the loops.
Two different color 1.5 circle skirts with scallopped (wired) hem. The skirts in the
case are red and orange, and different looks may be achieved by wearing the
orange skirt i top, instead of the red.

Price range for a costume like this is
$250 - $325 depending on
- the type of skirt requested ( 2 skirts, or just one, fuller skirt or lycra straight skirt)
+ additional accessories such as a headband
+ more beading and Swarowski crystals

For reference, this costume cost $275.
Costume made for Marianna's
student, Natalie
Egyptian style bra/belt with separate skirt includes:
- bra
- belt
- circle skirt
- 2 armbands
- headband

The bra and belt is black velvet base with clear, white, silver and
black beads (high quality, large beads). Again, the design is the
loop style, with dangling beads dispersed throughout.
The belt is a straight belt, about the same width in front and back.
The skirt is a double chiffon skirt with the scallopped (wired) hem.
Armbands and headbands continue the design.
In this costume, there were no Swarowski crystal used, only beads.

Price range for a costume like this:
$200 - $325 depending on
+ Swarowski crystals used
+ / - amount of beading
+ additional accessories, such as wristband, veil

For reference this costume cost $200 (the client provided the bra to
use / DD)
Mermaid skirt costume includes:
- bra
- belt
- mermaid skirt
- 2 sleeves
- headband
- veil

The bra and belt have Egyptian fringe, appliques and some small Swarowski stones.
The skirt is a stretch velvet top / chiffon bottom mermaid skirt, with 2 layers of chiffon
and scalloped edges. 2 long gauntlets and 1 headband, matching veil

Price range for this costume
is $275 - $375 depending on
- no Egyptian fringe / appliques used but indiviual beads
+ Swarowski crystals used

Marianna made this costume for herself. It was later sold for $350 as a used costume
One of a kind costume, resembling the Pharaonics of Egypt "Tempest" style
Costumes include:
- bra
- skirt / belt combo
- 2 armbands + wristband / sleeves
- headband
- veil

The orange / fucia costume on the left is velvet based, with orange and fucia
chiffon skirts attached to the belt. The belt has 3 straps that are completely
adjustable. Gauntles and headband also velvet (stretchy).
There was an extreme amount of beading involved, loops on the bra / belt,
as well as dangling beads and "embroidery" style beading; also appliques for

The lime green / turqoise on the right is very similar with these differences:
- instead of 3 straps, there are only 2, but there is a waistband that may be
worn in different ways
- the instead of velvet and chiffon, georgette was was used (this color is very
bright, it glows under stage lights)
- there was a lot less beading involved.

Price range for type of costume is $350 - $450 depending on
- the amount of beading used (the lime would be closer to $350, the orange
closer to $450.
- as well as the accessories.
These costumes are very unique, you will not see another one like it.
Marianna made these costumes for herself so it's hard to put a price on
them. The orange/fucia was traded in for another costume, and she still has
the lime green.
Mermaid skirt style costume includes:
- bra - mermaid skirt   - armbands  - headband  - veil

Stretch velvet (animal print) was used for the bra and top part of the skirt, crinkle chiffon for the bottom. Very minimal beading
and heand made appliques.

A costume very similar to this would be $250 and price range for a costume like this is $225 - $350 depending on
+ additional beading used
+ more and larger Swarowski crystals
+ additional accessories, such as waistband, wristband
- less accessories

Later on this costume was expanded to include:
-separate belt
-mermaid skirt
-additional black sequined chiffon skirt
2 gauntles

Price range with all the items would be $350 - $500
You may reduce the cost of your new costume by providing a dress you would like to use.

The silver / lavender costume on the left was 1 dress (stretchy) which was cut up and used for the
skirt, bra, armbands and headband. Additional items used were chiffon and beads.
A costume like this, if you provide the dress will be in the range of $200 - 300 instead of $275 - $375.

The chocolate color costume on the left was a skirt made out of a dress to math the copper Great
Loop by Pharaonics of Egypt.
Additional  items were used: fabric for the inserts of the skirt and some beads.
A general price quote for skirt / 2 armbands, headband - if you provide the dress is $45 - $70
Egyptian style Lycra costumes
Green leopard print mermaid style costume includes:
- bra
- beaded mermaid skirt
- headband
- several armbands / gauntlets / wristbands
- veil

The skirt was first made by lycra on top and satin on bottom, which was later replaced by black
chiffon.  The difference between this costume and the black/white leopard costume is the
amount of beadwork and decoration involved. This costume has an extreme amount of
beadwork on the bra and the skirt.

Price range for this costume is
$300 - $450 depending on
- less beading throughout
- less Swarowski crystals
- less accessories, such as amrbands / gauntletes / wristbands

This is costume is currently on sale as a used costume (although in excellent condition, only
used a few times) for $425.
Bra / belt sets with chiffon skirts and accessories
One of a kind - costumes with very unique designs
Costumes that were made out of dresses - lower price
belly dance costume - belet - coral / fucia with flowers
fucia / coral chiffon belly dance costume - bra and accessories
coral/fucia chiffon belly dance costume $400 custom order
belly dance costume with double layered chiffont skirt
Island - theme costume
Includes: double layered chiffon skirt - belt -  bra - 2 armbands - choker -
hairpiece - veil

There is very minimal beading on this costume. The main motif / decoration is the
silk flowers, with some beads and rhinestones. There is no beaded fringe, or
hanging beads' instead chiffon triangles are hanging from the belt, where the
flowers are (may not be visible on pictures, but shows up nice with movements)
The chiffon skirt is 2 layers, bottom layer has scallopped edges trimmed with
golden ribbon. The top layer has gathers with flowers throughout.

You may order this costume in other colors. It is best if there is one main color
(coral) and an accent color (fucia). This skirt may be paired with a fucia lycra
trumpet skirt for a different look (slim skirt)

Price for a costume very similar to this is $400. You may substitute for a headband
instead of a choker.
+ 2 wristbands: $25 extra
+ a lycra skirt in the 2nd color: $75 extra
+ add another chiffon skirt with the 2nd color: $150
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