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Belly Dance, costumes, Middle Eastern dance, Middle Eastern culture / music / customs / traditions
Local (San Diego) ethnic restaurants, cafes and hookah lounges

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Music - Some of these sites are only in Arabic.  Free downloads or music
purchase: Arabic pop music, remix of the classics, orchestrated belly dance
music, also Persian, Turkish, Armenian, Khaleegi, fusion,  and North African.

Amazon   You can purchase individual tracks (as low as $.89) as well as entire
allbums, and listen to smaples before you buy.                
Al Tarab
Al Amir
Maqam  - you can listen to sound samples of cds.
Mazikana  - also lyrics and articles
Iranian Music - a very large selection
Live 365 - free, online live radio. Put in keywords such
as Arabic music, Turkish, etc. and you can listen to music 24/7.
Bollywood Entertainment - Enjoy Bolywood entertainment and shows at

Arabic music lyrics: websites with lyrics of famous Arabic or Turkish songs.
Oriental dancer - lyrics from Abdel Halim, Warda,
Kazem El Saher, Feirouz, Nawal Al Zoughby, Amr Diab, etc.
Sirkka - a few popular songs by Amr Diab, Tarkan, Shakira, Khaled, etc. Songs
are shown with Arabic or Turkish transliteration and translation to English

Bellydance downloads:  a website created by a belly dancer - suggestions of
songs to use in performances with links to where they are found on the internet.
A very useful site!
Cultural information -
Near East, Middle East and the Balkans

Umm Kalthoum  - The life story of the most famous and important figure in Arabic music.
Feirouz - the most beloved and known Lebanese singer
Feirouz - song lyrics translated to English
Farid Al Atrache
Abdel Halim - a voice to die for: another one of the most famous and loved actor and
Abdel Halim - song lyrics translated to English, some is also in fonetic Arabic
Warda - song lyrics translated to English
Mohammed Abdel Wahab - one of the greatest composer of times
Kazem El Saher - song lyrics translated to English - a very famous Iraqi singer
Chaldeans - who are they?
History/Origins of Chaldeans - this might take a while to load but it's worth it
Assyrians - who are they?
Assyrians - history, news, facts
Assyrians - a brief, but detailed description
Persians - who  are they?
Iran - CIA Fact book
Egy.Com - historical, local,cultural information
Egypt - CIA Factbook
Lebanon - CIA Factbook
Iraq - CIA Factbook
Syria - CIA Factbook
Morocco - CIA Factbook
Greece - CIA Factbook
Greek Dance - history and description of Greek dances
Greek Mythology - Greek Gods,Goddesses, Titans, Muses...
Turkey - CIA Factbook
Turkey.Com - useful links for visiting Turkey - a very large selection of Turkish classical,
pop, and folk music, poetry and information in depth or origin
and history of Turkish music

On line magazines

Al Bawaba
Al Ahram
Egypt Today
Beirut Times
Turkish Times
Morocco Daily
Supplies (costumes, props, etc)

Costumes By Marianna - special order anything your heart desires - skirts, pants, veils,
special double veils, full costumes (beaded, Egyptian or Turkish style), alterations, etc.
Dahlal - Inexpensive, high end  and designer costumes such as Madame Abla,
Audrena - Pharaonics of Egypt designer costumes
Topkapi -  inexpensive / high end Turkish costumes
Turquoise International
Saroyan Mastercrafts  - zills, swords and coins
Bellydancestore Inexpensive- expensive Egyptian costumes, well known and unknown
designers. From $150 - $1500   
Miss Bellydance Inexpensive costumes, perfect for students with low budget.   
Cairo Couture - costumes from Egypt, via San Francisco
King of the Nile
Other websites -They offer an abundance of information regarding the
dance, its history and lots of links. These belly dancers went out of their
way to create such wonderful sites.
Aziza Sa'id
Morocco - a highly regarded scholar who has done extensive research on the
origins of oriental dance and has worked to retain this art in its original form.
hastá  (in Hungarian)  - the most popular belly dance forum in the US. talk to bellydancers
about music, dance, history, costum, teaching, learning,... anything!  

Belly dance Organizations (locally in San Diego and Nationwide)
Sameda - In San Diego
Mecda - In Los Angeles

Online belly dance magazines
Gilded Serpent
Marianna's favorites -
Local and international friends; amazing people and Marianna's favorite dancers /
musicians . Also some websites linking to her important / favorite  topics or issues
not necessarily relevant to belly dance.

Angelika Nemeth (Ca)
Fahtiem (Ca)
Dondi (Ca)
John Bilezikjian (Ca)
Maria Shashkova (Russia)
Daniela (Ca)
Samara (Ca)

Hungarian Radio - listen to Hungarian radio live! This site is in Hungarian but on the left
hand side you can click on text "Szól a Kossuth" or "Szól a Petőfi" or "Szól a Bartók"  
Connection via Real Player may take a minute or so - also keep in mind in Hungary it's 9
hours ahead!

Szabolcs Online - Marianna's homeland (in Hungary) - online magazine
House of Hungary (San Diego)
International Houses in Balboa Park  Balboa Park (in San Diego) is home of a wide
array of multicultural, family friendly events throughout the year. The International
Cotteges hold their prgrams March through November and promote their culture
through food, music, dances and presentations.
Pirkadat - Hungarian music and dance in San Diego - information in English Learn the
language and Hungarian folk dances, right here in San Diego! - HIstory, dances and music of the Roma (Gypsies)

Organic facts:  a website full of information regarding the actual, specific health
benefits of fruits, vegetables and herbs.
The Chronicle of Higher Education - online newspaper regarding education / educators

Hungarian belly dancers

Adry Svraka
Kozár Edit
Judit Virág
Mercedes Nieto
Nóra - not only a belly dancer, but also a singer (sings in Arabic; beautiful!)
Ya Habibi Hastánckör
Nut Csillagai
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Linkexchange - Magyarul
Local Ethnic Restaurants / Cafes  
(San Diego restaurants / hookah lounges:
some feature belly dance shows)  

Ali Baba
(Middle Eastern)
421 E. Main Street
El Cajon Ca 92021

Alborz Restaurant    (Persian)
2672 Del Mar Heights Road
Del Mar
(858) 792-2233

Armenian Café   (Armenian / Greek)
3126 Carlsbad Blvd.
(760) 720-2233

Cafe Europe  (Cafe / Hookah lounge)
6168  El Cajon Blvd
San Diego Ca 92115

Cafe Habibi
El Cajon Blvd
San Diego Ca 92115

Greek Town Buffet   (Greek)
345 W. Main Street
El Cajon Ca

Greek Palace   (Greek)
8878 Clairemont Mesa Blvd.
San Diego
(858) 573-0155

Greek Village   (Greek)
6030 Paseo Del Norte
(760) 603-9672

Kolbeh's Persian Restaurant   (Persian)
9514 Miramar Road
San Diego
(858) 578-6040

Marrakesh  (Moroccan)
634 Pearl Street
La Jolla
(858) 454-2500

Royal Palace  (Middle Eastern)
1340 Broadway
El Cajon, CA 92021
(619) 442-9900

Sadaf Persian Restaurant
828 5th Ave
San Diego Ca 92101
619. 338.0008

Sahara Family Restaurant  (Middle Eastern)
2990 Jamacha Road, Suite 120
El Cajon, CA 92019
(619) 660-9990

Sapphire Hookah Lounge  (hookahs, restaurant, nightclub)
8076 Bonita Road
Bonita Ca

Zorba’s Restaurant  (Greek)
100 Broadway
Chula Vista
(619) 422-8853

Zodiak Hookah Lounge  (hookahs)
6455 El Cajon Blvd.
San Diego, CA 92115
(619) 326-6800
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