Belly dance instruction by Marianna  
For more information contact :call 619.261.0832 or email

Are you looking to spend a fun evening with your girlfriends? Hire Marianna to teach a mini workshop!
She will bring music, hip scarves, and teach everyone basic movements, fun combinations and

This is perfect for a bridal or baby shower (no performance, just instruction), but also for a simple get together with your
Clients comments:
"we were thinking about hiring a manicurist, but instead we decided on a belly dance class".
" this will be great for my 12 year old's birthday - she and her friends will have so much fun!"  
" you were such a great addition to our Arabian theme dinner party!"
" my 4 girl friends and I want to do something fun and different for our Sunday get-togethers."
" my 16 year old daughter had such a low self esteem and poor posture. After taking classes with you she became a
different person. It was great that you came to our house and we were even able to have a few of her friends join her!"
Beginner Class at IDC - June 2008                   Intermediate class: Diana, Natalie, Sara             Violeta, Tito (of Egypt), Marianna Aug 3, 2007, Las Vegas
Marianna - Sara - Diana - Alicia - Maria
Natalie and guest dancer Aimee
For Students
Marianna - Tito of Egypt - Violeta
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Marianna's beginner student class - June 2008
Intermediate class - Candle Tray Balancing
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Marianna with Bouzouki Player - Dimitrios
Marianna at Chaldean Party
About improvisation:
Although learning a choreography is always fun, and makes it easy to showcase the movements learned,
belly dance is improvised and not rehearsed / choreographed.
Improvisation is a unique skill, which is best
learned early on. It consists of
- the knowledge of basic belly dance movements and their combinations
- smooth transition between the moves
- the ability to hear the beat and instantly moving to it
- learning which move(s) would fit best certain instruments, sections
- the ability to think ahead which movement should continue, while not knowing how the music will change
(of course this is not a complete list)

It is not as complicated as it sounds - we all have improvisational skills in us, however, it can be challenging: if the dancer
always learns a choreography and relies on it to move and then tries to switch to improvisation.

With improvisation
- you are able to express yourself through your dance. (Your dance shows how you feel and hear the music, not the way
your teacher felt at the moment she created the choreography)
- You are able to dance to any music. You are not limited to one song and one choreography
- Because you are not forced to try to remember every single movement in order, and you are not stressed out about
what happens if you forget a step, you are more relaxed, you are having much more fun and your face really, truly shows
- in addition to improvising, you can always learn a choreography (you don't have to choose between the two)

When you perform a choreography, you can show off your technical skills. When you perform with
improvisation, you can show your technical abilities as well as your personality.
Marianna is an accomplished belly dancer in the greater San Diego area with over 10 years of performance experience and
over 6 years of continuous teaching experience. Her style is Egyptian mixed with American cabaret, strictly improvisational.

Her classes focus on
- technique  (movement vocabulary, combinations, posture, arm placement,etc)
- style ( including stylistic variations of movement, entrances/exits, adding drama  and excitement, expressing different
emotions through the dance)
- improvisation skills
- cultural information (music, context, regional differences in the Middle East: customs, manners)
- preparation for performances (costumes, professional ethics, dancing in restaurants/private events/Arabic weddings/shows.
- use of props (intermediate - advanced students, and private classes): veil, double, tray balancing, sword, cane

- group and private classes for over 8 years with local and national belly dance teachers
- other classes: modern and stretching/alignlent (college level semester length),  Hatha yoga, and Flamenco (college level
master classes), Bikram yoga and ballet.  
- workshops: local and internationally known instructors, including Tito of Egypt, Amir Sofi (drumming), Dondi, Angelika
Nemeth, Aziza, Sabrina Fox, etc.

As a result of her commitment and dedication to this art form Marianna is also intimately familiar with
Middle Eastern cultures, customs and languages: she has taken college courses in Middle Eastern history, has taken 7
semester length college courses in Arabic
music: knowledgeable in the works of the classics (Umm Kalthoum Abdel Halim, Farid al-Atrache, etc) whose music is often
used for belly dance performances, as well as popular Arabic music, and folk music. In addition to this Marianna is also
knowledgeable in choosing music for Persian, Greek  and other ethnicities.  
Currently Marianna is only available to teach private classes.
The classes may be held at students' home or at a local dance studio close to your home.
Classes may be one on one, (1student only) or 2-4 students (semi private).
Please see the table below for pricing information.
Private classes may be held weekly or biweekly, however they must be attended regularly. Consistency is key in learning. If
you are intermediate / advanced level and would like to take private classes irregularly, please contact Marianna.