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Marianna Performing with Fire Fans. Video taped by Aimee Oct 06, 2007
Also on Youtube:Marianna - Fire Fans
Belly Dancer?   Fire Dancer!
Zorba's Greek Restaurant, Chula Vista, Oct 2007. Part 2.
Recorded by Aimee
Zorba's Greek Restaurant, Chula Vista Ca - Oct. 2007
Video recorded by Aimee
Greek Style Tsiftetelli
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Art Exhibition - San Diego Ca  Sept 7 2008  Recorded by Heni Kmett
Also on Youtube: Marianna
Performing with Middle Earth at Al Bustan Restaurant in May 2008
YouTube: Marianna with Middle Earth
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Lestat's Theater - May 12, 2010
Music: Edited version of Layali (Nights) by Amir Sofi
(Millenium Album)
Video recorded by Frank Lazarro
Lestat's Theater - May 12, 2010. Part 2.
Music: Unknown
Video recorded by Frank Lazarro
Dancing with Fire Tray
Sapphire Lounge, January, 2009
April 2009. Cafe Sevilla, San Diego. Gypsy Fusion Show with
Paloma Arragon (Flamenco Dancer) and Marianna (Belly Dancer)
Live music by Joef (of the Gypsy Kings family)
Cafe Sevilla - San Diego Ca. Gypsy Fusion Show.
Joef (guitar / vocals), Dusty (guitar), Ryan (violin), Charlie (percussion)
Lisa Solar (Flamenco) and Marianna (Belly dance)

September 4. 2010