Affordable Belly Dance costumes (now NEW and gently used)
folkloric dresses, accessories, dance props and jewellery
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Payment by: Visa/Mastercard/American Express (Paypal Only)  or send money order/cashiers check to:Marianna P.O.Box 2132 El Cajon
Ca 92021
.  Items are shipped within 24 hours of payment via Priority mail, insurance included. Questions:
Emerald green Pharanocs of Egypt
Previously sold costumes / items

These costumes are no longer in stock / available
they're just examples of the quality of previous inventory
Mint green Pharaonic of Egypt
unique double veils available for custom order
belly dance double veil
Custom order double veils (a cross over between double veils and wings)
Each veil is 2.5 yards tissue lame. At one end of each veil there is a casing with wooden sticks inserted.

$50 / set of 2 veils (2.5 yards)
$55 / set of 2 veils (3 yards)
$75 / set of 3 veils (2.5 yards) - you can add even more excitement with 3 veils!

Please specify the colors you would like, but please keep in mind:
- it's best to choose 2 shades that are close to each other, for example red + orange, light green+dark green, etc.
- it's nice if the veils match your costume, but it's not necessary.
- you can choose 2 of the same colors, but different shades really do add more.
- you can email a picture, and suggestions will be mailed for best colors.

The above video illustrates SOME of the movements you are able to do but there's a lot more room for creativity. Also by adding a third veil you add more
variety and possibilities. This is similar to Isis Wings but it allows a lot more freedom. With your purchase Marianna will include suggestions of movements /
technique in how to dance with these as well as answer any questions you have. Items are made for you and are usually shipped within a few days of
receiving payment. This may be delayed if you are requesting a color that is hard to find, or currently out of stock (not very likely, but possible).
Please wait a couple of minutes for the video to load, and if it does not
start automatically, press play ( you might need to press play a few times)
If you have trouble viewing it, you might need to download a newer
version of Windows Media Player. Go here for a free download:
Media Player 7.1
one of a kind belly dance costume
To order: send email to - Order
red/black feather fans for belly dance flamenco fusion costumes
Copper Pharaonic of Egypt belly dance costume
2 Red / Black Feather Fans

2 Marabu fans tied / glued together and reinforced: 1 red and 1 black in each pair.
They do not close, which make them easier to handle, also they are much more sturdier than other fans.
20" in length, 10" high.
Perfect for Flamenco fusion or to spice up your performance.
$50 + $10 for shipping
Raspberry Paharonics of Egypt belly dance costume
Green Bella Belly dance costume
Made by other designers  from Egypt, Turkey or the United States
purple belly dance costume made in Turkey
orange fucia unique belly dance costume
Also available separately: $25 + $8 shipping
beaded chiffon veil - fucia
Black silver Bella - Violeta - snowleopard costume - Marianna
Pharaonics of Egypt
Pharaonics of Egypt - Arabesque skirt
Made by Marianna
Full costumes
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Accessories: veils, double veils, shoes, jewellery, make up, candle trays, etc.
yellow Pharaonics of Egypt - Belly dance
teal  Pharaonics of Egypt - belly dance
candle tray - belly dance
Belly Dance Costume by Marianna - Island Girl :)
Order this costume!

Beautiful chiffon / velvet costume with Island - motif
Costume includes: bra - belt  - 2 layer chiffon skirt - accessories   (headband, armbands, wristbands, sleeves, etc, based on your needs

For more information go to
Recent Work
Color suggestions: fucia / orange   -   orange / yellow    -   purple  / lavender   -  turquoise / lime green   -  baby blue / mint green  -  
burgundy /  rose   -  red / black, etc.
Madame Abla (Egypt)
Green Bella Belly dance costume skirt
Green Bella costume esxcellent condition
Green Bella Belly Dance costume for sale
Beledi Style belly dance costume made by Marianna
One of a kind, there is no other like it!
purple lycra skirt, lavender bra and belt, armbands, wristbands, headband and veil
(some of the armbands and headband are not in the picture)

Bra: straps end to end 37". top straps 12" / 13". It will up to a small D, the original cups already are
Cups: 6"x6.5" tape measure laid straight across, and 7.5"x7" following the curve. The bra is already
lined with felt.

Front piece: 16", back piece: 30", total 46". Recommended up to 44" to allow for overlap.
The belt is supposed to be worn lower on the hips (around your butt), so the top of the skirt is
shown. The top of the skirt has some minimal beading to show that the belt didn't just slide down.
The belt ties around the hips but also secured with a hook. The bra looks like it is being held
together by the front tie, but it securely hooks in the back like most bras.

Both bra and belt have beautiful beads that will glow in the sunlight or under stage light. None of the
beads will fade, peel or tarnish. Also specialty bead, rhinestone chains and small rhinestones are
used. Sparkly!

up to 38" upper hip, 44" or more lower hip.
The skirt is roomy - it is a half circle skirt, so it flares out beautifully while spinning. The top of the
skirt has beading (minimal) but it's not beaded through the elastic so it can be changed out. The
bottom of the skirt may be trimmed and re-hemmed, the slit taken in or sewn in completely, the top of
the skirt may be taken in.

More detailed measurements are coming soon. The color of the costume is truly shown
on the picture to the left, (studio picture) and on the performance picture to the right.
The pictures in the garden look bluish.

This costume may be worn with other bra/belt sets, just like it's shown to the left and
right: skirt is worn with the lavender belt from the costume below.

Complete costume available for $300 including shipping in the US.
Heavily beaded chiffon skirt set - baby blue with gold- made in Egypt
Includes: skirt - 2 sleeves - veil

The skirt has three layers, each layer is scallopped and decorated with beads, seqins and paillettes. Due to
the heavy beading around the edges the skirt flares out beautifully during turns and spins. Because of the
intricate design of beads, sequins and paillettes it sparkles on stage and under lights, which makes it a
versatile costume for dancing in restaurants, parties or on stage.

The skirt has one slit (your choice, left or right). Both the sleeves and end the veil is also heavily beaded,
matching the design on the skirt.

Measurements: one size fits most.
skirt: elastic in waist, fits up to 36".
length: approx. 35". If you find that the skirt is too short for you, i recommend wearing an underskirt that is
your perfect length, with the skirt on top and it will look beautiful

$150 includes shipping and handling in US.
Beautiful, one of a kind 8 piece costume - made by Marianna
Includes: bra, belt, headband, 2 armbands, 2 wristbands, trumpet skirt (not shown)

Costume base is lycra, all beads used are glass / plastic. Will not fade, peel or tarnish. A lot of
the beads will glow under stage light / natural light. Costume has been used a few times, but it is
in excellent condition and lined with felt.

Bra: 34" end to end. Top straps: 12" cups: fit up to small D.
Cups are 7"x6" diagonally with the tape measure straight across, and 8.5"x7" following the curve.
Belt: front piece: 19.5", back piece: 21.5" totalling 41". There is a casing sewn in the back piece
for inserting elastic and the pieces may be overlapped for smaller sizes.
Skirt: trumpet skirt with slit over left leg. 36" in length, upper hip will fit 34", lower hip about 42"
The skirt is undecorated, may be washed and shortened at the bottom

$290 includes shipping in the US.
gold saidi dress, stretchy, lycra with paillettes
silver saidi dress, galabiya, jalabiya, jelabiya
paillette dress, galabeya, jalabiya, Saidi dress
thobe, thawb burgundy, from Jordan
khaleegi khaleeji dress available in mseveral colors $95
khaleegi dress
unique paillette saidi dress blue, pink, white, yellow, black
Gently used belly dance costumes
Khaleegi Dresses

One size fits all.
Available colors: purple (shown), green (shown), turquoise blue, black, red. Please contact for
available choices.

$110 includes shipping
Saidi Dress / galabiya

Wear it with or without a hipscarf.
Same style available in black, white, pink, purple, red.

$90 includes shipping - contact for color  choices
Beledi dress

Beautiful, skin tight (stretchy) dress that
moves with you. Covered with hanging
beads / pailettes, which move with even the
smallest movement  or flutter.

Contact for color availability

$140 includes shipping.
Very sexy, beautiful saidi dresses - silver or gold.
Wear it with or without a hipscarf,with or without headscarf. Slit on the side,
large paillettes on the sleeves and cleavage.

$100 includes shipping. Contact for availability.
Saidi dress / galabiya

$100 includes shipping in US
Thobes / Abbayas / Cover ups

These dresses are also popular as
cover ups.
Thobe available: burgundy
(shown), magenta, light pink,
peach, gold, champagne, rust,
chocolate, olive green, purple - all
beautiful shades!

Large collection abbayas

$140 includes shipping in US
please check color / style before
olive green thobe
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